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How to Buy Steamer Clams Online

Steamer clams are referred to by several different names including, streamers, Ipswich clams, longnecks or softshells.  Steamer clams are often compared to its smaller, harder brother, the little neck clam. 

The first step in buying steamer clams online is to find a reputable website such as Sagamore Lobster.  Steamer clams are one of the most difficult shellfish to buy online because of their thin shell that is easily broken.  Sagamore Lobster sends additional steamer clams to compensate for the ones that might break during shipment.  Another thing to consider is the process that the store uses to store and clean their clams.  At Sagamore Lobster we use a special process to remove the sand that accumulates inside the bell of the clams.  This gives you grit free clams that taste great.  If you’ve ever had a sandy steamer, you’ll appreciate the taste of a clean, sand free steamer clam.

The next step is to determine how much clams you need.  We generally tell people about 1 pound per person.  If you’re planning to have a lot of food, and the steamers are just a side dish, you can probably stay around 1 pound or even less.  If your planning on having steamers as an appetizer, you might want to order more than a pound. 

You’re clams will arrive alive in a refrigerated box.  Place the clams in your refrigerator until you plan to cook them.  Clams are best boiled for around 5 minutes, or until the clam opens up.   If the clam remains closed, the clam is not fully cooked. 


This article was published on Monday 23 July, 2007.
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