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Lobster Cooking & Handling Questions

I've ordered my lobsters, now what?

Please note: All products are now sold and shipped by LobsterGram.

The following should answer any questions you have about receiving, handling and cooking your new lobsters. If you have any questions that are not answered here please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What time should my lobsters arrive?

Your lobsters will arrive before 3PM via FedEx express. In our experience, and depending on your location, shipments normally arrive between 12 and 3 in the afternoon.

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Do I need to be home when my lobsters arrive?

If your order total is under $500 it is not required for you to be home when your package arrives but it is highly suggested. Lobsters can die rather easily if left in the hot sun or exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. Unfortunately we can not take responsibility for lobsters that have died as a result of being left at your door. Therefore, we highly suggest that someone is present to accept your package between 12 and 3 in the afternoon.

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What do I do with my lobsters once they arrive?

It is best to cook your lobsters as soon as they are received. If you plan to eat your lobster later, take them out of the box and place them in your refrigerator's crisper drawer. Don't put the lobsters in a bag or leave them in the box. Do not place your lobsters in the freezer.

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When should I eat my lobsters?

Lobsters should be eaten on the day of delivery. If you do not plan to eat them right away, place them inside your refrigerators crisper drawer.

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What if some of my lobsters are dead?

While we make every effort to ensure that your lobsters make the trip, in rare occasions a lobster might arrive dead. If a lobster doesn't show any signs of movement the first thing you want to do is touch the lobster's eye. It can be very difficult to tell if a lobster is dead or merely sluggish from his long journey. If after touching the lobster's eye you still can not detect any movement, your lobster is probably dead.

If you have determined that a lobster is dead, he is still probably safe to eat. We ship our lobsters at 7PM to ensure that the lobsters spend the shortest time possible inside the box. We also include ice packs inside our insulated boxes so that the temperature remains consistently low. Because we only ship our lobsters live, the worst case scenario is normally that the lobster has been dead for a few hours.

Instructions for cooking dead lobsters

It is perfectly safe to cook dead lobsters and live lobsters together in the same pot. Remove the rubber bands from the dead lobster's claw so that you can identify him after cooking. When finished cooking, check the consistency of the meat in the lobsters tail. If the meat is firm and fleshy then the lobster is fine to eat and will taste just as good as any of the live lobsters that made the trip. If the meat is soft and has a consistence more like cottage cheese, then the lobster is bad, and should be thrown out. If this is the case, please contact us immediately for a prompt refund.

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How do I cook my lobsters?

Please look at our Lobster Recipes for more cooking ideas.

Boiling Lobster

Requires: large stockpot, 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt.

Fill stockpot half full of water and add salt. Bring water to a rolling boil. Carefully place lobster head first into boiling water. Lobsters will make a high pitched noise when they enter the pot. Don't worry, this is just gas escaping from the lobsters shell. Boil lobsters according to table below. Lobster will appear bright red when fully cooked.

Lobster WeightCooking Time
1 lb 12 - 15 minutes
1-1/2 lbs 15 - 20 minutes
2 - 3 lbs 20 - 25 minutes
3 - 5 lbs 25 - 30 minutes

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How do I cook steamer clams?

Requires: large stockpot.

Wash clams thoroughly with water. Fill stockpot with water. Include 1/2 cup for every 4 quarts of clams. Bring water to a boil. Add clams, and boil until clam shell partially opens.

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How do I prepare lobster tails?

Thoroughly wash lobster tails before preparing. Lobster tails are cooked by us so you only need to warm them up before eating. This can be done in the oven, in boiling water or even on the grill.

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How do I eat my lobster?

Claws : Twist the claws off at the joints and then use nut crackers to crack open the claw.

Tail : Bend the body back from the tail until it cracks and can be removed. Push the tail meat out, it should come out in one peice, remove the black vein.

Body : Crack lobster body open around area where the legs attach to the body.

Legs : Break off the legs and use a skewer to push the meat out.

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