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How We Catch Our Lobsters

You want fresh Maine lobster the way it has been caught for years, not lobster bought by the thousands and stored in large tanks. This is how we catch our lobster.

Lobster Fishing

Almost every morning at 5AM our boat leaves Rye Harbor in Seacoast New Hampshire. The waters off the coast of Rye are just south of the Maine border.

Lobster traps like these are pulled from the water after having soaked for several days.

After all the traps have been pulled, the lobster boat drops off its catch on the doc behind our facility.

The lobsters are weighed, sorted and placed in our retail holding tanks. Lobsters never sit in our tanks for more than 2 days. We pump in fresh ocean water so that the lobsters remain fresh.

When your order comes in we pack your lobster in an insulated box with a gel pack and a pad that holds fresh ocean water. Your lobster leaves our facility at 6:30PM and is dropped off at FedEx to insure your lobster spends the least amount of time possible inside the box.

After your lobsters leave our facility, we personally track it until it reaches your door.

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