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How Lobster Pricing Works

Finding the lowest price on lobster can be confusing because everyone marks their prices in different ways. Hopefully this page will make it clear so that you can obtain the lowest price possible.

Where do the lobsters come from?

Unless a lobster store has their own boat(s) the store is buying the lobsters from either a fisherman or a wholesaler. This means that the store is 2nd or 3rd in the line, and everyone is taking a little piece of the pie. To get the freshest lobster at the lowest price you should really aim to purchase from a store that runs their own boat.

How Much Is Shipping?

Many lobster retailers offer free shipping but don't be fooled. Shipping is a major expense to buying live lobster. A store may offer two lobsters shipped for free, but the shipping cost is just built into the price of the lobsters.

What's the final price?

Make sure you compare the final price (Lobsters and Shipping) before deciding where to buy. Most every retailer charges a different price for shipping and lobsters. It is impossible to draw a meaningful conclusion without comparing the final overall costs.

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