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New England Side Dishes

We ship an array of seafood side dishes that complement our fresh Maine Lobster and other seafood products.

Each of our side dishes contain the finest New England seafood. They are sure to please.

Please note: All products are sold and shipped by LobsterGram. SagamoreLobster has partnered with LobsterGram because of their outstanding seafood quality and great customer service.

    Add-on One lb. Maine Lobster Claws   $16.95  Buy Now 
    Stuffed Clams Casino Appetizer   $12.95  Buy Now 
    Lobster Gram Gourmet Seafood Sauce   $3.95  Buy Now 
    Lobster Rangoons   $34.95  Buy Now 
    Lobster Pot Pie   $49.95  Buy Now 
    Lobster Newburg Seafood Appetizer   $26.95  Buy Now 
    Maine Lobster Claws Seafood Appetizer   $57.95  Buy Now 
    Maine Lobster Cakes Seafood Appetizer   $19.95  Buy Now 
    Lobster Bacon Wonton Appetizer   $49.95  Buy Now 
    Jumbo Cooked Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce Appetizer   $65.95  Buy Now 
    Crispy Wrapped Shrimp Appetizer   $34.95  Buy Now 
    Coquille St. Jacques   $37.95  Buy Now 
    Cocktail Sauce   $3.95  Buy Now 
    Classic Lobster & Seafood Accessory Collection   $10.95  Buy Now 
    Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops Seafood Appetizer   $49.95  Buy Now 
    Clarified Butter   $1.95  Buy Now 
    Lobster Thermidor Seafood Appetizer   $26.95  Buy Now 
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